Tuesday, May 21, 2013



I've finally bitten the bullet and purchased the Sewaholic Lonsdale Dress. Thank you Paypal for making online purchases so easy...you've really helped my bank balance...

But anyway, the Lonsdale. 

I've been seeing it around the sewing blogosphere for a while now, and whilst I LOVE some versions, I was a little lukewarm towards others, resulting in utter indecision. But I have been turned. Probably mainly because I am over uni for this semester, and just want to be done and doing other stuff, but also because sewing keeps me sane, and i've been feeling a little un-sane of late!

Sarai in her lovely floral Lonsdale number

Roisin in her gingham version

And here is a lovely french version by Charlotte

So whilst I wait for it to fly to me from Canada, I must start pondering how i am going to take this. I think I have figured out that i am not much of a casual dress-wearer (am yet to change this, no matter how best my intentions are!), so i may as well semi-splurge on some nice fabric to whip this baby up in. Thankfully, The Fabric Store is having a VIP sale this Thursday, so I may just have to pop over and see what they have to offer. Thinking black. Or at least dark. Probably silk, or similar. 

And even though the following images are very summery and Palm Springs-y (Mad Men episode from season 2 'The Jet Set'), they are very helpful in imagining the desired final product. Tres chic is all i can say!



all screen shot by moi. 
Delightful, non?
(and by that i mean both the dress and the house!)

So watch this space, as there will be a Lonsdale dress here soon(ish)!

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